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Mentorship Guide


Thank you for your interest in the Black Conversations Mentorship Program. 
Please review this packet to learn what we expect from our mentors and what you can expect from your mentee. 
Additionally, you can reach out to the Mentorship Coordinator (Gia Oke) or the Mentorship Program President (Merid Berhe) if you need more information.

The Process

Our selection process is based on affinity and shared values, rather than technical knowledge. The space we are committed to creating, will facilitate growth and therefore requires authentic encounters. 
During our mixer, both mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to engage and get to know each other. Once that first encounter has occurred, you will have the option of accepting your official position, as a mentor or member, within BC-MP.

How We Define Mentorship

We see mentorship as an opportunity to: 

  • Build skills, qualities, and confidence for professional development 

  • Craft a career vision. 

  • Expand networks 

  • Develop personally and professionally. 

  • Increase the visibility of students by facilitating involvement in projects and connecting them with people 

  • Share « unwritten rules » and inside knowledge and thus better navigate professional life in Geneva 


The relationship between you and your mentee will ultimately depend on the unique needs and strengths you both bring to the table. Spending time at the beginning of the mentorship to clarify what you can legitimately offer the mentee is beneficial for both you and the mentee.

Mentees are expected to be active learners and drive the mentorship process. They must be active participants in furthering your growth as well. They must be open to sharing their career goals, successes, failures and be able to receive feedback and advice. 

While being a mentor, you will have the opportunity to build on your ability to advise and communicate. Additionally, the practice of mentorship will give you a space to reflect on your career until this point. 

With BC-MP specifically, you will be able to expand your Afro-descendant network in Geneva International. 

We Expect Mentors To

  • Act as a sounding board for their mentees 

  • Maintain confidentiality/privacy of conversations 

  • Create a safe environment for their mentees to take risk 

  • Empower mentees to find solutions to their problems 

  • Help in identifying skill or competency gaps as a “3rd party” observer 

  • Identify and facilitate development opportunities for mentees 

  • Positively challenge and push mentees towards higher standards 

  • Help mentees explore potential career opportunities 

  • Support mentees and enhance their self-esteem 

  • Exhibit empathy and understanding 

We Expect Mentees To

  • Be willing to discuss their failures and successes 

  • Demonstrate genuine interest in being helped by you 

  • Demonstrate application of the knowledge obtained through you 

  • Express a desire to improve in a certain area or learn a new skill 

  • Identify their own professional development goals, priorities and career interests 

  • Listen actively during your meetings 

  • Give you honest feedback– you can also proactively solicit this feedback 

  • seek ways to achieve objectives and contribute ideas for solving their own problems 

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