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What is the Mentorship Program

The Black Conversations Mentorship Program (BC-MP) is designed for Afro-descendant students and experienced Afro-descendant professionals in International Geneva to authentically connect.  

By bringing together students and professionals, we hope to foster an environment full of guidance, advice, lifelong connections, and support. This program will gather over 50 different Afro-descendants together to create a unique experience.

The BC-MP is creating this critically needed space for you, for us, and for future Afro-decendant generations! We aim for the BC-MP to be an instrumental aspect of a Genevan life. 

Mentorship Program : About Us

Advisory Board

Mentorship Program : Meet the Team
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Geneva Aderonke Oke

Mentorship Program Coordinator

Mentor and Mentee Sign up

Mentorship Program : Programs
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Become a Mentee

Would you like to connect and build long lasting bonds with afro-decendant professionals in Geneva? Sign up and become a part of the BC-MP network.

Become a Mentor

Are you a professional in International Geneva willing to mentor an afro-decent student and connect with other professionals? Sign up below and become a part of the BC-MP network.

BC-MP Events

Mentorship Mixer

The mentorship mixer coming up in March hopes to connect mentors with mentees for the first time. Stay tuned for more information!

Mentorship Program : Schedule
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